Presto Recording Corporation

PRESTO Recording Corporation was an important company in the broadcast and recording industry, and most radio stations and networks that made use of disc recorders for delayed broadcast, or air checks, etc., were users of PRESTO EQUIPMENT. All of the major broadcast network headquarters, as well as many recording studios used PRESTO recorders.

This page will include a brief history, as much as we have to date, as we are still accumulating information. And we will compare the development of the basic PRESTO models over the years. The following pages have lots of pictures, so be patient during downloading.

The very early years are a little sketchy but the Presto Products Company was founded in 1915. They produced the Sonora phonograph and other equipment, and a 3 pound head for embossing on aluminum blanks, state of the art at that time, in 1931. They were out of business in 1932, and emerged later as the Duall Company in 1932, and became Presto Recording Corp. in 1933. The first advertisement for a Presto disc was Oct 15, 1934. (1)

In 1932 Gernsback Publications published a book 'Home Recording And All About It', written by George Saliba. In the book are several references to recording kits, as produced by the Presto Products Company, and sold to the home recordist and apparently introduced as early as 1930. 2 units are pictured below.